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Near the entrance of my main store on Seda, where my French period furnishings are located, you’ll find these two gorgeous chairs. The rich detail would be perfect for your parlor to discuss the next social event or simply for a quiet meeting among friends. Add a small round table and a tea setting and you’ll be relaxed in no time.

–left, fauteil de la tigre – red – $375

–right, fauteil de la tigre – blue – $375

Victorian Market Place, Seda (200, 111, 39)

In my Victorian Fine Furnishing store, my Victorian Daybed Sofa, awaits you. The solid mahogany has an inviting mauve and navy coverlet and pillow rolls with gold tassels. I have it paired with my Aubusson Silver – 19 rug which is a perfect match. To the left a fern rests in a brass urn. Above, “A Field of Flowers” painting continues the soothing colors of your Victorian parlor.

–Victorian Daybed Sofa – $325,

–Aubusson Silver – 19 rug – $75

–Ferm in a brass urn – $100

–Field of Flowers painting – $75

In the same setting, you’ll find my Victorian Lounge with a luxuriate pose. The crimson brocade is stunning and topped with a gold roll pillow and throw blanket. I know you will find it difficult to escape its comfort.

–Victorian Lounge – $295

A few settings away, you’ll find this lovely Hutch Desk with moveable doors, perfect for hiding your documents or favorite classics. The Emporess Chair has a writing animation which will allow you to write your latest work of fiction.

–Boxed Hutch Desk -$510

–Emporess Chair – $275

One setting over is a must for your Victorian library. Your children’s governess will be in heaven when she gazes at the titles of your collection and your children will grow up knowing the best literature in all of England.

–Bookcase – $100

–Library Ladder – $195

Until next time, Emilie

Lay Me Down To Sleep in Royal Beds


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Large Canopy Bed – Gold and Purple with matching Armoir and Bureau.

I’M OFTEN ASKED WHERE my inspiration for my furniture comes from. In all honesty, I’d have to say the theme of the French Court. Most of the furnishings are inspired by my partner Louis who early on asked me to do custom work for his exceptional builds. One thing led to another and soon I was looking for things to build.

Color, texture, elegance, that’s my artist palette on the virtual world of Inworldz.

Above, you’ll find my Large Canopy Bed in a color I love working with.

The fragrant lavender filling the field in the print beside this bed set the stage. Draped across the wooden canopy frame are yards and yards of golden brocade. The bed is dressed with a purple and white striped linen edged with a delicate crocheted trim. A much bolder print is on the blanket and matching pillow cases.

Flanking the bed on the left is a Rococo Bureau and on the right, a Rococo Armoir. The English Runway Rug in purple provides a wonderful coordinating, rich quality. Two framed pictures: Sunrise Purple Flowers and Midday Purple Flowers present nature’s own work of art.

Large Canopy Bed ($525); Rococo Armoir ($425); Rococo Bureau ($295); English Runway Rug – Purple ($75).


Estate Canopy Bed – Emerald Satin.

The above bed is dressed for royalty in shades of Emerald ($525). It’s perfect for a castle’s master chambers.


Antique White Bed – Pink with Canopy.

Feel like a princess… A feather-light front canopy adorns this Antique White Bed. An oversized pink pillow awaits you. A second pillow dresses it up. A pink coverlet will keep you warm. Purchase the Aubusson rug for coordinating color and the Antique White Tall Chest of Drawers and Beside Table. M’Lady Slipper Stool finishes your picture perfect bedroom.

Antique White Bed – Pink with Canopy ($400); Antique White Bedside Table ($225); M’Lady Slipper Stool – Beige ($175); Aubusson #28 Rug ($75); not pictured – Antique White – Vanity with Drawers ($295) and Antique White Vanity Table ($195).

Located at Fluere De Lys – The Cathedral, Cato (208, 211, 41) on the second floor.

Bring a touch of elegance into your home with historical French furniture


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Selecting the decor for a historical manor is no simple task, but the challenge is well worth it. Era and choice of color scheme are the central elements. For a moment, consider the colors and furniture that define comfort and offer a sense of peace in your virtual home. For me, the sounds of nature are so soothing. So it was no surprise when I focused on creating a Antique Bird Cage. I am proud of the detail that went into building this. It’s sure to be a favorite addition to your home or sunroom. Select either a wood tone or white at Fluere De Lys – Seda Signature Homes, Cato (186, 169, 26).


I don’t know about you, but blue is such a wonderful, royal color. It’s cool earth tone works well in variations. Here a Antique White & Blue Velvet Parlor Sofa is the main element of the seating arrangement. Beside it is a Louis XIV Gilt Wood Console with a highly detailed French Vase Candelabra Light Blue Fleur. A Conservatory Chair in Antique White is positioned to its right.


This shows even more detail of the Conservatory chair and console. Elegance is only a click away.

Welcome to my blog…

Virtual worlds are a haven for creators. Here in InWorldz, I enjoy creating English Victorian and 1700 French furniture. If you can envision a French living room, bedroom or dining room,  chances are, I may have it in my showroom at Fleure De Lys. I have explored other historical eras, as well, but as custom designs.

Many of my items can be found at Seda or Cato and are now featured under the Seda Signature Brand. Should there be anything you want but can not find, feel free to contact me via IM inworld which goes to my email which I check daily. When I am unable to be here, IM Maximillian Svarovski if I am unavailable for assistance.

Regarding my blog, throughout the new year, you will be introduced to my creations, feel free to ask questions by leaving a comment.

Thank you,
Emilie Seda